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TENS OF COLORS ON STOCK A basic range of about 200 colors of cotton and synthetic fibers
we will adjust the color to yours Pantone color you will provide

CUSTOM DYEING We will ensure dyeing of yarn to your specific needsb
Cotton dyeing is done from 20 kg of material in one color, which means aproximately + 0.5 EUR/pair. (production time 6-7 weeks) Polyamide dyeing is not recommended



lycraLYCRA Lycra is the world's most respected elastic fiber with registered trademark. INVISTA, formaly DuPont. Socks containing LYCRA fibre are flexible, fit perfectly and provide high wear comfort.

stopbacteriaSILTEX POLYPROPYLEN Active silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, greatly reducing unpleasant odors and maintaining the biological balance of the skin.

borgolonBORGOLON NYLON Polyamide synthetic fiber with the highest resistance to pulling, tearing and abrasion, most commonly known under the trade names Nylon and Perlon. Mainly added to increase the strength of the load points in the heel, the toe and even into the body of the sock. Good perspiration.

bavlnaACTIVE COTTON Cotton with polyester admixture for better perspiration. Better drying, does not hold moisture.



Your designs are stitched into the socks during production. We only use a fine stitching (number of needles 144) and a very fine stitching (number of needles 160-168). This results in very fine and distinctive patterning.



We will always deliver your socks precisely packed. Each pair of socks is packed in a transparent, resealable bag. These bags can not be custom printed. You can choose from the following packing options.


LABEL WITH HOOK  This packaging is suitable for presentation on sales stands and can be custom printed. Information about fabric composition is included.


PAPER TAPE It connects a pair of socks across the top hem. It can be custom pinted from outer side. Only balck/white printing is supported.  Information about fabric composition is included.


PLASTIC BAG Transparent, resealable bag These bags can not be custom printed. Socks packed only in plastic bags have information about fabric composition on the sticker on the bag.