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Graphic design of socks

Send us your logo along with a detailed description of your requirements so that we can prepare the design to your needs. You can attach a photo or sketch as an inspiration.


Send us your graphic design in the template below. Your design will then be checked by our graphic department and if needed it with be corrected with regard to the possibilities of realization.


1 The toe and heel must be single color without any patterns. The color of toe and heel may differ.

2 We do not recommend patterns that are repeated throughout the socks. You risk an adverse effect on the elasticity of the knitwear.

3 Small details are not possible to be produced for technological reasons.

4 Avoid color gradients and shading.

5 From the ankle upwards, the pattern should follow the entire circumference of the tube. Depends on whether the design is thought so.

6 You can use up to 10 colors in onedesign.


Graphic design of packaging

We will provide you your socks with a practical package, which you we will design for you or you can use our template for creating your own design..